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World Stars vs Brazil - Dec 27-28, 2009
Monday, 28 December 2009 16:00
FutsalwireWorld Futsal Stars Vs Brazil  Player List and starting line-up.
Game 1 Results 4:3
Game 2 Results:6:1


Game 2: results.
World Stars vs Brazil - 2nd match over in João Pessoa: Brazil won 6-1! ...
GAME 1 Results...
FutsalwireThe first challenge between the world champions of Brazil and a selection of World Stars chosen by CBFS went to the canarinhos roster at the end of a balanced match. An impressive record of 8.000 futsal enthusiasts attended the match, to be played again tomorrow in João Pessoa (live broadcasting on SporTv at 20, Brasilia time).

Hall: Ginásio Nélio Dias

Attendance: 8.000

Brazil - World Stars Selection 4-3 (2-1)

Starting Five: Tiago (gk), Ciço, Wilde, Vinicius, Gabriel.
Substitutions: Franklin (gk), Neto, Fernandinho, Murilo, Cabreúva, Danilo, Lukaian.
Coach: Marcos Aurélio Sorato Zopelini "Pipoca"

World Stars:
Starting Five: Nazari (gk), Taheri, Shamsaee, Santander, Caro Garces.
Substitutions: Elias (gk), Alsharif (gk), Amrani, Basile, Takaji, Riveros, Despotovic, Rahoma, Blankleider, Lódi
Coach: Fernando Larrañaga and Mico Martic

1-0 Wilde (03.42)
1-1 Santander (10.25)
2-1 Gabriel (13.20)
2-2 Taheri (21.45)
3-2 Wilde (22.22)
4-2 Lukaian (27.14)
4-3 Shamsaee (39.56)

First Referee: Alane Jussara da Silva (BRA)
Second Referee: Renata Neves Leite (BRA)
Third Referee: Ana Lourdes de Morais (BRA)
Timekeeper: Cícero Caetano da Silva (BRA)
Delegate: Eduardo Gomes Maia (BRA)

First Half: 5/3
Second Half: 3/3

As reported before CBFS has organized a brand new international event, arranging a double match between Brazil and a selection of World Stars coming from all around the futsal planet. The brazilian futsal federation has then decided to appoint the Argentinian National team coach Fernando Larrañaga and the former Croatia's coach Mico Martic as head coaches for the worldwide roster. The eagerly awaited matches will take place in Natal (kick off at 9.45) and João Pessoa (starting time at 19.00), respectively on December 27th and 28th.

Below have a look at the roster selected by CBFS and coached by Fernando Larrañaga and Mico Martic. In the past days Santiago Basile replaced Martin Amas due to the Pinocho's star injury.

World Stars Selection - Players List

Mostafa Nazari (Iran)
Santiago Elias (Argentina)
Mohamed Alsharif (Libya)

Field Players
Frane Despotovic (Croatia)
Mohammed Rahoma (Libya)
Tamas Lodi (Hungary)
José Santander (Paraguay)
Khaled Takaji (Lebanon)
Santiago Basile (Argentina)
Vahid Shamsaee (Iran)
Mohammad Taheri (Iran)
Alfredo Ortiz (Paraguay)
Santiago Blankleider (Uruguay)
Angellott Alexander Caro Garces (Colombia)
Fouad Amrani (Morocco)

Head Coaches: Fernando Larrañaga and Mico Martic

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